We compensate for your sailing trip

More Sailing Climate Compensates Your Sailing Trip

From 2019, More Sailing will compensate 110% of all sailing trips we arrange. This means that you who travel with More Sailing contribute more positively with climate-positive measures than the negative CO2 impact that your sailing trip has. More Sailing also compensates for all internal travel for our staff and other impacts the company has to at least be climate neutral.

More Sailing works sustainably according to people , planet and profit principles. We at More Sailing are confident that our sailing trips contribute positively through cultural exchange for both the people who travel with us, but also for the people we visit at our destinations. We know that tourism is an important income for many separate communities and that our travelers through their travels contribute financially to better conditions for the people who live where we sail. More Sailing prioritizes small-scale suppliers and locally grown raw materials.

CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to all living things on our planet. Sailing is environmentally friendly but the flight to the sailboat is not environmentally friendly. Air travel accounts for 95% of the negative climate impact that occurs when you buy a sailing trip. By More Sailing investing in various climate projects, we compensate for the CO2 emissions that the sailing trip gives rise to by 110%.

We do not believe that we are buying a clear conscience through climate compensation, but we are doing something concrete to slow down global warming. With More Sailing, climate compensation of CO2 is included in all sailing trips, it is not possible to opt out. If you have tips on how we can work more sustainably for the environment, you are welcome to contact us.


Sailing trip to Croatia, Greece and Italy 7 days, emissions about 1.5 tons of CO2, about SEK 375

Sailing trip to the Caribbean 10 days, emissions about 5 tons of CO2, about 1250: –

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Read more on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website:


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