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Price per person from: 12,500 – 15,000 SEK
Sail catamaran from: 15,000 SEK
Choose train tickets instead of flights at the same price

The price refers to 1 weeks sailing in May & October.

Sail in Croatia with crew for one week. Our sailing trips in Croatia are very popular. Of course, it is easy to thrive when you are pampered by the skipper and host throughout the trip. Add to that Croatia has a very nice archipelago with over a thousand islands. During a sailing trip in Croatia with More Sailing you will get holiday memories for life.


Sailing in Croatia

Croatia is best experienced from sailboats. Here are many beautiful places to sail between, such as historic towns with narrow alleys and cobblestones that are completely polished. The Adriatic is deep, crystal clear and it is easy to navigate as there is so little foundation. During the summer months, Croatia has a very pleasant climate, it is even the country in Europe with the most sunshine hours per year. Each island has its own story to tell, with its traditions, customs and local festivities. Sail in Croatia and escape from the hustle and bustle of the coves and the adventures offered along the coast.

Our sailing trips in Croatia are based on the Split region. The journey starts in Marina Kastela, which is just a few steps from Split Airport. From the mainland we venture out among the islands along the Adriatic coast. The region is called Dalmatia and we sail between islands such as Solta, Brac, Hvar and Vis. It is a protected archipelago and it is therefore rare that there are many waves, it makes sailing and life on board pleasant. There are many factors that together make Croatia the sailing paradise that it is.

Sailing trip in Croatia, this includes:


Saturday-Saturday with travel days


Return round trip from Copenhagen,
Gothenburg or Stockholm

Skipper & Host

Swedish, well-trained crew

Part in double cabin

Cabin berth in double cabin


Transfer to & from the boat


Breakfast, lunch & beverage
on board the boat


Bed linen & towel

All costs

Port fees, gasoline & other
other expenses

Sail in Croatia with crew

Sail in Croatia with skipper and host on board. During a sailing trip on our boats, you will experience sailing at its best, without any worries. On board the boat you are in safe hands with the crew. They cook, guide to hidden paradise bays, recommend restaurants and sail the boat while you can just enjoy. You have breakfast and lunch on the boat while dinner is eaten at a restaurant. There is no must on the sailboat, for your part you can just relax and go, but of course you can participate in the sailing however much you want. The combination of being taken care of by the crew while visiting new destinations every day makes it a holiday you will not forget.

An ordinary day on our boats often starts with a wonderful morning dip. In the meantime, your host prepares the breakfast buffet. After everyone has eaten saturated and satisfied, it carries off out to sea to sail on to today’s destination. As we sail to the next destination you can sunbathe, swim, read a book or just enjoy the surroundings. As it approaches lunch, it smells good from below the kitchen. The lunch is often enjoyed in a turquoise bay followed by a swim from the boat. After lunch, you will continue to the harbor, cove or perhaps town where you spend the night. In the evening you get a chance to try on the local cuisine. End the evening at a local bar before letting the sea rock you to sleep in the boat.

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No prior knowledge required to sail in Croatia

When booking a sailing trip with More Sailing, no prior knowledge is needed, it is enough to be curious about sailing and interested in the sea to experience a wonderful trip. Imagine a regular holiday trip, where instead of hotels you stay on a boat and wake up in new wonderful places every day. You can book our sailing trips yourself and thus meet new acquaintances. You can also book a whole boat just for your company, bring your family or friends and let our skipper and hosts pamper you.

A sailing in Croatia

During a sailing week with More Sailing you will experience many sides of Croatia, beautiful scenery, villages that are over a thousand years old, calm bays and vibrant summer paradise. All this together with a hectic dose of sun, swimming and sailing. We sail in Croatia based on Split, from where we sail out to the islands in the Adriatic archipelago. It is important to remember that the route we sail in Croatia can vary and it is adapted to weather and wind. Here you can read about some of the islands we visit and the different places you can visit on each island.

Zlatni rat

The island of Brac is the largest island of Croatia. Brac also has the highest mountain in the Adriatic which is 778 meters high. At Brac is the cozy village of Milna which is a quiet bay with a nice harbor walk. The miles are usually a popular stop during our sailing trips. There are also several other small villages, including Bobovisca na Moru, Skrip, Supetar and Bol. Outside Bol there is also Zlatni Rat or the golden horn that the beach is also called. Outside the Zlatni Rat, many people windsurf.

Sail in Croatia

Hvar is one of the most visited islands in Croatia and is also known for its lavender fields. The main town of Hvar, has the same name as the island, which is common in Croatia. Each city is known as the Balkans Saint Tropez, in the harbor there are luxury yachts lined up along the quay. On Hvar there is also the town of Stari Grad which means the old town and is, as the name implies, the oldest town on Hvar, 300 BC it was built by the Greeks. On the northern side of Hvar are Jelsa and Vrboska, Vrboska is called Little Venice.

Martinis marchi, Solta

Solta is located near the mainland with is still a relatively unexploded island with only 1500 inhabitants. At Solta there are many nice bays for anchor stops, such as the wreck bay as we call it. Here you can snorkel on an old ship that has sunk. On the north side of Solta is Maslinica with the marina Martinis Marchi where the whole quay is made of the exclusive limestone from Brac. Here you can see the sun go down behind the small islands that are in the inlet and protect the bay.

Sailing in Croatia

Vis is the inhabited island located at the far end of the coastal strip and closest to Italy. The island is a popular tourist destination and is visited annually by many tourists, mainly to the city of Vis. On the other side is Komiza where almost only sailors come to. From Vis you can explore many natural phenomena such as the blue and green cave. In the mountain at Vis there are 18km of tunnels and submarine bases that testify to the island’s military history. At Vis, the movie Mamma Mia 2 was also recorded during the summer of 2018.

Map sailing in Croatia

Boats we sail with in Croatia

During our sailing trips in Croatia we sail with different boat models, we always choose large and spacious sailing boats where you live comfortably aboard. The different boats can accommodate different numbers of people, usually between 8 and 12 guests. The places on board can be booked by a whole company if you want the whole boat for yourself, or by several smaller companies where you also get the opportunity to get to know new acquaintances. On board the boat, both breakfast and lunch are served, it is eaten around the table in the cockpit. Even in the salon, everyone gets a comfortable place to hang out. The front deck is usually the favorite spot aboard the boat, here you can meanwhile sail the boat in peace and quiet sunbathe, hear the whistling of the waves or maybe see a dolphin jump in front of the bow. At the back of the boat is a jetty and ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of the cooling sea. If you are a larger company that wants to sail a specific boat, we of course arrange it, warmly welcome to contact us.

Sail in Croatia on Dufour 530

12 guests and 2 crew – price SEK 13,500 to SEK 15,000 per person depending on period. Dufour 530 is a brand new boat model for 2020. On board Dufour 530 there are 6 cabins of which 4 have a double bed and 2 have a bunk bed, in addition there are 3 toilets on board and a separate skipper’s cabin at the front of the boat for the crew. The boat has AC, generator and grill on the aft deck and is perfect for large parties.

Sail in Croatia on Lagoon 42

8 guests and 2 crew-pprice between SEK 16,000 to SEK 20,000 per person depending on period. If you want more comfort during your sailing trip, we recommend sailing with a catamaran. Onboard Lagoon 42 are four large and spacious cabins with both double bed and own toilet. There are also many large areas for socializing up in the boat and also in front of the deck. The boat also has AC and generator.

Sail in Croatia on More 55

10 guests and 2 crew – price between 14 500 SEK – 16 000 SEK per person depending on period. On board More 55 there are five cabins, 4 of the cabins have a double bed and 1 cabin has a bunk bed. The crew has their own cabin at the very front of the boat. There are 3 toilets on board and also AC and generator.

On board More 55 there are five cabins, 4 of the cabins have a double bed and 1 cabin has a bunk bed. The crew has their own cabin at the very front of the boat. There are 3 toilets on board and also AC and generator.

From 2019 climate, More Sailing compensates for all sailing trips we arrange to 110%. This means that you who travel with us contribute more positively to climate-positive measures than the negative CO2 impact your sailing trip has. We also compensate for all internal travel for staff and other impacts the company has to at least be climate neutral. CO2 emissions and global warming are a threat to everything living on our planet. Sailing is environmentally friendly but the flight to the sailboat is not environmentally friendly. The flight accounts for 95% of the negative climate impact that you get when you buy a sailing trip. By investing more in different climate projects, More Sailing will offset the CO2 emissions that the sailing trip gives rise to 110%. We do not believe that we buy a clear conscience through climate compensation, but we do something concrete to curb global warming. Climate compensation of CO2 is included in all our sailing trips, it is not possible to opt out. Läs mer här.

Sailing trip - why should you choose it?

You visit many places

As the boat sails to a new destination every day, you will therefore experience many new places during a sailing trip. At the same time you reach places by sailboat that you would otherwise not be able to reach, thus you get to see places you might not otherwise have seen.

You get both sun, swimming and adventure

On a sailing trip you get the perfect combination between an active holiday and a relaxing holiday. This is because you decide whether you want to be involved in sailing or if you prefer to lie and enjoy the sun.

You will be groomed by staff

On board you have a skipper and a host who is responsible for your well-being and security throughout the journey. At the same time, they sail the boat, serve good food and drinks and show you to new places. Not many hotels offer it.

You get to learn new things

It does not matter if you have previous experience of sailing and boating as the crew on board handles sailing and the boat. You can of course be part of the sailing as much or as little as you want. You can learn a lot of new things during the trip.

You get to know new people

Our boats can be booked by one or up to ten people. If you do not fill a whole boat, you will meet other lovely travelers on board. This has meant that we have many sunshine stories where travelers met friends for life during a sailing trip with us.

You create memories for life

Whatever holiday you book and wherever you live, you will most likely have a wonderful holiday. But on a sailing trip you get to do something extra, something that you may not be used to, and it results in memories you will not soon forget.

You have everything packed and ready

When you buy a sailing trip, everything is packed and ready from the start. The goal is that you should only be able to relax, therefore everything from airfare to food on the boat is included. So you avoid all planning that might otherwise be required for a trip.

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Sail in Croatia and experience the land of a thousand islands

Croatia is often called “the land of a thousand islands”, and it is true that there are a total of 1185 islands along the coast, of which 67 are inhabited. During the summer months, Croatia has a very comfortable wedge, especially for sailing. The winds tend to grip just fine in the sail, between 6 to 8 m / s are the most common winds. Rarely is it quite quiet, and rarely does it blow up to storm.


Croatia is today a republic bordering Serbia, Montenegro andBosnia and Herzegovina in the east and Slovenia and Hungary in the north. The capital is Zagreb with approximately 780 00 inhabitants, throughout the country there are approximately 4 494 750 inhabitants. Croatia joined the EU on July 1, 2013. The official language of Croatia is precisely Croatian, which is a Slavic language and uses the Latin alphabet. Serbian, Italian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Czech are also spoken in the country, but not more than five percent of the population. In Istria, Italian is also an official language.


Croatia’s total area is 56 542 km2 and within this area there are seven world heritage sites and eight national parks to date. Among the Croatian World Heritage Sites is Diocletian’s Palace, a Roman palace that encloses the old parts of the city of Split. Stari Grad, a town on the island ofHvar in Dalmatiaand the city of Dubrovnik, is another two of Croatia’s world heritage sites. Croatia celebrates its national day on June 25.


Croatia today has a 4 800 km long coastline and over 1000 islands to sail between. However, the coastline of the country is divided into two different parts of Bosnia’s short coastline near Dubrovnik. The Croatian coast is divided into three regions, Dalmatia in the south and the peninsula of Istria in the north, between which lies the Kvarner region. Kvarner, which is also an island group, includes islands such as Cres, Krk, Pag, Rab and Losinj.

Sail in Croatia and experience the magical Istria

Just Istria is well known today for its old and beautiful port cities. Most beautifully, the city of Rovinj is said to be, both Rovinj and the city of Pula were originally built by the Romans. In Pula there is the most well-preserved amphitheater in the world, well worth a visit while you are there. In Istria there is also today the world’s smallest city, Hum, with only 23 inhabitants.

Our starting point

In Dalmatia, our starting point is Marina Kastela. If you are in Croatia and sail for a week it will mostly be in this region. Dalmatia is the most visited region in all of Croatia. It extends from the city of Zadar in the north to the city of Dubrovnik in the south. Dalmatia has been both Roman and belongs to the city of Venice. This has meanwhile left its mark both in many beautiful cities on the mainland and in the small villages out on the islands.


The Dalmatian coast is filled with islands that are popular tourist destinations especially for sailors. From north to south we have Dugi Otok which is the largest island in the national park Kornati, Solta, Brac, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Lastovo and Miljet. Nice and well-visited towns and villages along the coast, which you definitely should not miss while visiting Croatia are Zadar, Sibenik, Primosten, Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik. In Croatia, there are now eight national parks, of which four are located just off the coast. From south to north it is, Mljet, Krka, Kornati and Brijuni. Just Brijuni is today very popular with the country’s elite.

Wine and food

Croatia has recently become quite popular due to. by its favorable climate, good wines and under food. However, it is true that the food tradition differs somewhat depending on where in Croatia su you is. In the case of Istria, the Dalmatian region and the Primorje region, the dishes are inspired by Italian cuisine, but cooked in a particularly Croatian way. Along the coast of Istria, Dalmatia and Primorje, the food is inspired by Italy but cooked in a “Croatian way”. Fish, seafood, pasta and pizza are often on the menu. Common dishes are pljeskavica, buzara and ćevapčići. Pljeskavica are great burgers that can be ordered with or without cheese filling. Buzara is a dish where the main ingredients are cooked in a sauce with wine, tomato and spices and is suitable for a variety of seafood.


To date, however, ćevapčići is most well-known among all traditional dishes, a type of meatloaf rolls served with potatoes, french fries or in lepinj bread which is somewhat reminiscent of pita bread. Together with lepinja bread and ćevapčići, you usually serve vegetables and ajvar relish, which is a tomato and bell pepper. Fried or grilled beef, lamb and pork are also common throughout the country today.


In Croatia, while enjoying your favorite drink, you can usually also order pancakes at restaurants but also on streets and squares. Croatian ice cream is an excellent competitor to the Italian ice cream in terms of both taste and quality. The ice cream bars in Croatia often have a wide selection of different types of ice cream.

Plenty of wines

The Croatian culture promotes wine drinking as a healthy and natural part of the food culture, which also means that you produce large quantities of different wine flavors. These vary in quality depending on the manufacturer and price of course. However, it is true that the more famous wines, especially the red ones come from producers such as Dingač, Plavac and also Postup. These wines are produced in the southernmost part of the country, namely Dalmatia. When it comes to white wines these are produced in the northernmost parts and here we find well-known brands such as the leading Muscatel, the tasty Malvazija, the Kaštelet and popular Pošip.


However, Croatia is not just a wine producer, but also has some beer production based on old habits. Today you will find the most popular beer manufacturer among Ožujsko and Karlovačko. Last but not least, you also have liquor in the form a rakija, a type of brandy that is produced, among others, plums and pears.

Cancellation Insurance

There is no cancellation insurance included in the trip, however you can buy it if you wish. It is important that you buy cancellation insurance when you book the trip as cancellation insurance cannot be purchased afterwards. Please check if you have cancellation insurance in your home insurance or through your bank.

Please vote that you have provided all information to us

Before your sailing trip we need to have your social security number, passport number, first and last name. If you have any allergies or special requests regarding food, it is important that you notify us well in advance of the trip so that we can adapt the food to your needs.

Pass och värdehandlingar

You must be provided with a passport that has a validity period of at least 3 months from the date of departure. For security, make copies of passports, bank cards, air tickets and other important papers. (It is always good to have a copy of them at home in Sweden and one in the bag.)

Travel insurance

Look over so you have good travel insurance or check with your home insurance. It is also possible to take out travel insurance via More Sailing, which you can do until the day of departure.

Learn more about sailing during the trip

Don’t forget to take the opportunity to ask the crew on board if you want to learn more about sailing during the trip. Our talented skipper and hosts are happy to share their knowledge and anyone who wants to test out at the helm, hoist sails and read charts.

Pack in a soft bag

In addition to packing what you usually do when traveling on a sunny holiday, keep in mind that the sunlight is reflected by the water around the boat. Therefore, it is good to bring a pair of good sunglasses, a high factor sun protection factor, as well as a cap or hat. Then it is also good to bring mosquito repellent, many pairs of swimwear, something to read and sickness tablets if you easily get sick. Since it only includes one towel, it may be good to pack an extra if you eg. want one for fresh water and one for salt water. Bed linen is available on board the boat. If you enjoy snorkeling in the turquoise waters, feel free to go snorkeling. Finally, you need to pack in a soft bag that you can easily fold up and put away on the boat, hard bags take up big space in your cabins.

Life jacket on board

On the boat are life jackets that can be used whenever you want and should be used when the skipper or host deems it necessary. If you would rather wear a smoother sailing vest, you are welcome to bring it.

Breakfast and lunch are included, dinner is eaten at a restaurant

Every night we add in a harbor or in a bay where there are at least one but usually several restaurants to choose from. When we add in a bay, you take the dinghy into the country and the restaurant. The crew on board are happy to help with tips on good restaurants and to book a table.

Weather in Croatia

Croatia has been measured as Europe’s sun-safe country and is the country in Europe that has the most hours of sunshine per year. The average temperature along the coast in August is 22-27 degrees. This can be compared to southern Sweden which has between 12-16 degrees the same month. The average temperature in the water is 25 degrees. During the summer months it rarely rains along the coast of Croatia and often it is only short bursts when it does. In summer, it is still warm in the air even if it rains. If you travel with us during the spring or autumn when the weather varies more, it is good to bring a waterproof jacket or a rain set if you would be unlucky to encounter rain clouds.

Currency in Croatia

The currency of Croatia is called Kuna and is abbreviated HRK. Since Croatia joined the EU in 2013, it has become more and more common to be able to pay with cards in shops and restaurants. However, in the islands we visit during a sailing trip, some of the restaurants only pay cash. There are plenty of ATMs in the places we visit during a sailing week if needed. Of course, restaurant prices vary between different restaurants and places, but in general the price level is lower than at home in Sweden. A beer usually costs 20-25 kn and a coffee 12-15 kn.

To sail in Croatia & stay aboard a boat

Living aboard a boat is not so different from staying at home, the biggest difference is that you have limited water and electricity on board. When you are moored by a buoy or anchor, you need to think about being economical with the water and taking shorter showers. While sailing, you can charge mobile phones etc. via 12v outlets and 220V outlets can be used when in the marina because you can then connect shore power. On the larger boats we sail there is a generator, when it is running you can use 220v sockets even without shore power. The ports also have showers and toilets ashore.


Upon your arrival in Croatia, drivers are waiting for the airport to take you to Marina Kastela. If you land in the morning, it will be a while until the boat is ready, but it can be boarded as soon as your crew is done with all the preparation. If you land later in the evening, the boat is ready when you arrive and you just have to board the boat.

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