Sail across the Atlantic

Price per person: 55.000 SEK
13 november to 19 december 2021

Sailing across the Atlantic is an adventure that many dream of. It does not have to be just a dream, sail across the Atlantic with More Sailing without having to own your own boat or take responsibility for an entire crew. Sail across the Atlantic with us and be part of an experience you will soon forget. You can feel safe because there is both a responsible skipper and an assistant skipper on board. We sail across the Atlantic during November-December every year, when the conditions for Atlantic sailing are at their best.

Movie from ARC 2018 made by traveler:

Do you dream of sailing across the Atlantic?

Take the chance to realize the dream of sailing across the Atlantic with More Sailing. Every year we sail across several sailboats to the Caribbean. We offer a carefree way to realize the dream of sailing across the Atlantic. This is because all boats we sail over have a responsible skipper and also an assistant skipper on board. Book everything from a place on board up to a whole boat if you are a larger party. You can thus sail across the Atlantic without owning your own boat. You also do not have to be responsible for all planning and all preparations for sailing.

We sail across the Atlantic during the ARC

We participate in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, also known as ARC. ARC is a friendly racing or squadron sailing across the Atlantic. Every year, between 200 and 300 boats participate in the ARC, among them there are both family sailors and racing sailors. The start of ARC takes place from Gran Canaria at the end of November every year. All boats are then reunited on the other side of the Atlantic, namely on the island of St. Lucia. The ARC sailing ends with an award ceremony and party at St. Lucia just before Christmas.

One week before you leave Gran Canaria, the entire crew that will sail together gathers. The ARC event begins with an inauguration and is then followed during the week by both lectures and festivities. During this week you will meet expectant sailors from all over the world. On board the boat, you will of course also get to know each other and the boat, at the same time as you all together prepare, buy and prepare all the food for the sailing. During the week in Las Palmas, you also train maneuvers and test sail the boat together.

How long does it take to sail across the Atlantic?

It is difficult to say how long it will take to sail across the Atlantic. Which is perhaps also part of the thrill of the Atlantic adventure. The fact that the length of the sail can vary is partly due to the fact that the weather conditions differ from year to year. The length of the voyage is also affected by the objectives and conditions of the crew on board. In previous years we have sailed across the Atlantic, the sailing has usually taken between two to three weeks to complete.

From the time the inauguration takes place in Gran Canaria until the award ceremony takes place in St. Lucia, it is five weeks. You have accommodation on the boat at all times. You spend the first week in Las Palmas preparing. After crossing the Atlantic, spend the last time celebrating and recovering at St. Lucia. After five weeks of adventure, you can proudly stroll around in a pair of red trousers (it is said that only those who have crossed the Atlantic are allowed to wear just red trousers).

Sailing across the Atlantic

During the voyage, everyone on board takes turns guarding, sailing and cooking. Therefore, it is required that you have documented nautical competence to sail with us across the Atlantic. You also need a practical habit to navigate and be on board a boat.

That you are open, social and enjoy meeting new people is of course a prerequisite as you get to meet a lot of new people and that you live close together on board. On board the boat, you will be divided into guard teams of two to three people who sail and cook together. Each cabin has two people, but you can book an entire cabin for yourself at an extra cost.

Safety during an Atlantic voyage

The boats are equipped with the safety equipment required to sail across the Atlantic. The high level of safety equipment is determined by the ARC organizers. The boats are inspected during and before departure from Las Palmas. There is satellite connection on board for limited use of internet and telephony.

Inauguration – 14 november
Start – 21 november
Award ceremony – 18 december

– Part of a cabin on a boat equipped for Atlantic sailing
– Responsible skipper & first mate
– Registration fees to ARC
– Preparatory information meetings

– Costs for personal equipment
– Flights to Gran Canaria & from St. Lucia
– Transfer costs to & from airports
– Part of the ship’s cash register that is established
for food costs for the sailing


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