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The idea is simple, you buy a sailboat and use it during your vacation. The rest of the weeks during the season your sailboat is rented out and you get good revenue from the rental.


You either pay 100% and get a good return every year or pay 40% of the boat, the remainder is then financed by rental income.

Easy boat ownership

Buy a boat for rent in Croatia, Greece or the Caribbean. With boat purchases from More Sailing, your boat will only be sailed by our professional staff and with Scandinavian guests during our sailing trips. This results in less wear and tear, and better rental income. You can choose to pay 100% and get a good return every year or you only pay 40% of the boat’s price, you sail your boat two weeks every summer and after five to seven years the boat is yours.

Buy a sailboat as an investment

Buying a boat and putting it into charter business is a good investment as the rental generates good compensation. At the same time, it is a convenient and easy boat ownership where our staff takes care of all the maintenance of the boat. You enjoy your boat the weeks you use it and you don’t have to think about anything else.

An investment in a charter boat is a simple and carefree boat ownership, while it is a good investment. In order for your rental income to be as good as possible, it is important that you choose a boat of good quality, with the right equipment, so that the market wants to rent your boat. At the same time, the boat should fit your wishes and dreams. Do you dream of sailing around the world or do you want to buy a boat because it is a good investment?

Limited number of boats

The number of boats we sell per season is limited so that we can rent your boat with good occupancy, which gives good rental income. Our extensive experience in boat maintenance, repairs and service means that you as a boat owner can be assured that your boat will be in excellent condition and condition.

You own your boat, for real

We have no strange mortgage or deposit agreements, you own the boat for real. Your sailboat needs to be owned by a company when it is to be rented out. Many people choose to start a Croatian or Caribbean limited company, but you can also own your boat directly through a Swedish limited company. Starting a limited company in Croatia is easy and we are happy to help you with this.

Benefits of owning the boat through companies

There are many benefits to owning the boat through your own company, the biggest advantage is that you are the legal owner of the boat, so no matter what happens you own your boat for real. In your company you do not have to pay VAT on the boat, the company raises the VAT, because the boat is used in the company’s rental business. You can own the shares in the foreign company as a private person, or through a Swedish limited company.

For us, it is important that you as a boat buyer feel that you have complete control over your boat and your boat purchase. We update the service book that tells you when all the repairs and other service are done on your boat. At the end of each season, when we pay out your rental income, you get a summary of everything. It is you who own the boat in your company, with full transparency in all service, rental and repairs that take place.

The boat is bought and owned by a company that you own. The boat is VAT free in the company.

Segla i Kroatien

Dufour 530

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Lagoon 42

Lagoon 42

Your boat is always sailed with crew, resulting in lower wear.

Everything is included, you sail

What is unique about buying a boat through More Sailing is that your boat will almost always be sailed by our talented staff during our sailing trips. The crew on board are trained to take care of your boat in the best way. When all leasing is done with the skipper, it results in lower wear on your boat.

Buy sailboat through More Sailing

We always specify prices that cover the entire investment, ie a boat ready for rent. All equipment is included, including launching and charter equipment such as crockery, cutlery and bedding. The calculation includes, of course, insurance with full insurance coverage that covers all types of damage and also lost charter income due to major damage that takes longer to repair. Each tenant pays a deposit equal to the deductible for the insurance, so if any damage occurs during the rental, it is covered by the deductible.

Rental calculation and sample calculation

When we do a rental calculation, the figures are based on our experience of the last 10 years in arranging sailing trips. Here on the site you will find several examples, please contact us for an updated quotation with rental calculation. We have more boats for sale than the ones you see here on the website, and we are happy to produce a quote and rental estimate for your dream boat.

In addition to the revenue you see in the calculations, you have free weeks of ownership aboard your boat. By default, two weeks are included, one of which is during high season and two during low season. You can spend the weeks aboard your boat in Croatia, Greece Italy or the Caribbean, or swap them for weeks aboard other boats in destinations all over the world.

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