Rent Hanse 588 in Croatia

Hanse 588 is a nice sailboat with 5 cabins that can be rented from Marina Kastela in Croatia. If you are renting a sailboat in Croatia, this boat is recommended. The boat has 5 cabins with four toilets and a skipper’s cabin. It is also possible to make a bed in the salon. Hanse is a boat manufacturer from Germany that in recent years has made itself known for well-designed, modern and fast sailboats. If you want to read more about the boat, you can click here to get to the boatyard’s website. This Hanse boat is affordable to rent for the whole family or group of friends who want to sail themselves. If you have any questions about this particular boat, just contact us at More Sailing today.



Model year:

2017 – 2020

Type: Enskrov
Length: 17.2 m
Width: 5.2 m
Depth: 2.6 m
Cabins: 6
Sleeping places: 10
Toilets: 4

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