Sailing trips for everyone
Sailing trips for everyone
Sailing trips for everyone

Here are sailing trips for everyone!

With More Sailing you can sail in Croatia, Greece, Italy or the Caribbean even if you are a beginner or already experienced sailor. We have sailing trips with crew for those who want a relaxing holiday but also have boats to rent for those who want to sail themselves. You who are adventurous can also choose to sail with us either through the Mediterranean or across the Atlantic. In other words, we can tailor a unique sailing trip, whether you travel alone, with your family, friends or with the whole company. We are a complete tour operator in sailing tourism. With us you will find everything from beginner sailing to long sailing – with or without crew.

Our most popular sailing trips

Our popular sailing trips with crew on board can today be booked at the destinations Croatia, Greece, Italy and the Caribbean. No matter which of our destinations you choose, you will experience a vacation that brings memories of a lifetime. During our sailing trips you will experience, among other things, wonderful sailing, proximity to the sea and beautiful environments. At the same time, you will be spoiled with good food and drink by the crew on board.

Sail in Croatia

Croatia has become well known as a sailing paradise, some of the reasons for this are incredibly clear water, warm breezes and a lovely mix between cozy little villages and larger cities. Since there are many “must” to visit during a sailing in Croatia’s fine archipelago. We sail in the area outside of Split during our sailing trips in Croatia.

Sail in Greece

In Greece, Athens is the starting point for our sailing trips. Sailing for a week in Saronic Gulf is really relaxing. You will see many nice places such as historic and secluded little paradise. Some of the islands we visit lack complete car traffic. You will also experience fantastic food not only on board the boat, but also on land.

Sail in Italy

Our sailing trips in Italy are based on the Smeralda coast in northeastern Sardinia. We sail for a week and you will experience both Sardinia and Corsica, but also the beautiful La Maddalena archipelago which lies between the two islands. You will experience turquoise lagoons, chalky white sandy beaches and picturesque villages.

Segla i Karibien
Sail in the Caribbean

In the Caribbean you will experience a real sailing adventure where you will see, among other things, turquoise lagoons, coral reefs and volcanic islands covered by rainforest. You will also see both black and white sandy beaches from the boat. In fact, many people believe that the Caribbean is best experienced from a sailboat. During our sailing trips in the Caribbean, we start today from the French island of Martinique.

Experience our sailing trips

Our trips can be booked by couples, friends, families with children, or companies. Often bigger events like birthdays, weddings etc are celebrated on our boats. The places on board the boats can be booked by large groups, in pairs as an individual. You can book our sailing trips even if you have never sailed before. At the same time you can learn a lot about sailing during a trip with us, if you are interested and want to learn.

Long experience of
arranging sailing trips

We at More Sailing are passionate about creating unforgettable sailing experiences and holiday memories. We have been around since 2009 when our first sailing trips made sailing possible even for those without previous experience of sailing and boating. Our journey began in Croatia where during the summer of 2009 we arranged our first sailing trips. Then the Caribbean was added as a winter destination in 2013. That same year we also made our first Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean. Eventually we opened up several summer destinations. Mostly at the request of our existing customers who liked our concept. Therefore, since 2016 you can book our sailing trips with crew also in Greece. In Italy we made our first sailing trips in the summer of 2019.

Corporate sailing or a
conference on a sailboat

We have noticed how welded a group can be after just a few days together on board a sailboat. Therefore, try to book your next conference with us. We arrange conferences on sailboats for both large and small groups. On board the boats, the crew manages sailing and serves food while you get to know each other, confer or swim from the boat. One of the benefits of spending your conference aboard a sailboat is that you experience from the boat and come to new places every day. As you sail to the next destination, you must be as involved as you want in sailing. If you want, you can learn a lot about sailing, but there is no must. You can book a conference on a sailing boat, whether you have previous experience of sailing or not, this is because we always have two in the crew who take care of both you and the boat.

Work as a skipper or
host at More Sailing

If you are passionate about sailing, spreading joy, meeting people and discovering new places and cultures, then you should look for a job with us at More Sailing. As we are constantly growing, we are therefore always looking for new colleagues who want to work as a host or skipper on our boats. Working as a crew on board our boats suits you who are social and responsible, but at the same time have good experience of sailing and boating. While working with us, you get to meet many new people, both colleagues and guests aboard the boats. You also get to experience many new places.

Order our catalog today!

Are you curious about sailing in warm waters and want to read more about our sailing trips, long sailing across the Atlantic or through the Mediterranean. Then you can order our catalog free of charge. In the directory you will find information about our boats, trips and much more.

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