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More Sailing

Seglingsresor för alla

Seglingsresa för alla
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Boat on turquoise water with hills on the horizon
Silhouette of boat against the sunset.jpg
Boat on turquoise water with hills on the horizon
Silhouette of boat against the sunset.jpg

Här finns seglingsresor för alla!


Med More Sailing kan du segla i Kroatien, Grekland, Italien, Karibien, Sverige eller Seychellerna även om du är nybörjare eller redan erfaren seglare. Vi har seglingsresor med besättning för dig som vill ha en avkopplad semester och har även båtar att hyra för dig som vill segla själv.


Du som är äventyrslysten kan dessutom välja att segla med oss antingen genom Medelhavet eller över Atlanten. Med andra ord kan vi skräddarsy en unik seglingsresa oavsett om du reser ensam, med familjen, kompisgänget eller med hela företaget.


Vi är en komplett researrangör inom seglingsturism. Hos oss finner du allt ifrån nybörjarsegling till långsegling – med eller utan besättning.

Våra populäraste seglingsresor


Våra populära seglingsresor med besättning ombord kan idag bokas på destinationerna Kroatien, Grekland, Italien och Karibien. Oavsett vilken av våra destinationer du väljer kommer du få uppleva en semester som ger minnen för livet. Under våra seglingsresor får du bland annat uppleva härlig segling, närheten till havet och vackra miljöer. Samtidigt blir du bortskämd med god mat och dryck av besättningen ombord.

Sailing trip - why should you choose it?

You visit many places

As the boat sails to a new destination every day, you will therefore experience many new places during a sailing trip. At the same time you reach places by sailboat that you would otherwise not be able to reach, thus you get to see places you might not otherwise have seen.

You get both sun, swimming and adventure

On a sailing trip you get the perfect combination between an active holiday and a relaxing holiday. This is because you decide whether you want to be involved in sailing or if you prefer to lie and enjoy the sun.

You will be groomed by staff

On board you have a skipper and a host who is responsible for your well-being and security throughout the journey. At the same time, they sail the boat, serve good food and drinks and show you to new places. Not many hotels offer it.

You get to learn new things

It does not matter if you have previous experience of sailing and boating as the crew on board handles sailing and the boat. You can of course be part of the sailing as much or as little as you want. You can learn a lot of new things during the trip.

You get to know new people

Our boats can be booked by one or up to ten people. If you do not fill a whole boat, you will meet other lovely travelers on board. This has meant that we have many sunshine stories where travelers met friends for life during a sailing trip with us.

You create memories for life

Whatever holiday you book and wherever you live, you will most likely have a wonderful holiday. But on a sailing trip you get to do something extra, something that you may not be used to, and it results in memories you will not soon forget.

You have everything packed and ready

When you buy a sailing trip, everything is packed and ready from the start. The goal is that you should only be able to relax, therefore everything from airfare to food on the boat is included. So you avoid all planning that might otherwise be required for a trip.